Biodata dan Fakta ANJELL


1. Hwang Taekyung

Position : Vocal & Guitar

Height : 182 cm

Weight : 62 kg

Hobby : Drive

Speciality : sing a song, (musical) composition and play the piano

Personality : Perfectionism, charisma

Ideal Girlfriend : Good wife and Wise mother

Favourite food : No crustacean, no sesame and enjoy drinking deep water

Individual skill : Grind radish

2. Go Minam

Position : Vocal & Keyboard

Height : 170 cm

Weight : 54 kg

Hobby : Drive a motorcyle

Speciality : sing a song and dance

Personality : Charisma, calm and bright

When his debut, he was shy. He increased sense of variety after the first single album.

Ideal Girlfriend : Long hair, round eyes style

Favourite food : All kind of foods

Individual skill : Copy girl group dance


3. Kang Shinwoo

Position : Guitar & Rap

Height : 180 cm

Weight : 63 kg

Hobby : Thinking and collect tea

Speciality : rap and play guitar

Personality : Mature and calm

Ideal Girlfriend : Cute and tidy style

Favourite food : All kind of food and especially tea

Individual skill : No individual skill


4. Jeremy

Position : Drum

Height : 175 cm

Weight : 60 kg

Hobby : Take care of joile, collect special fashion item and party

Speciality : drum

Personality : Bright and cheerful

Ideal Girlfriend : Song Hyekyo (Korean actress)

Favourite food : All kind of fruit

Individual skill : Imitation Gi Bong (character in Korea movie)


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